Monday, May 10, 2010

I am, unfortunately, not surprised in the least.

I'd determined, from the minute I realized we were entering a census year, that I wouldn't open the door to any census worker, identification or no. If one had claimed that they needed to speak to one of us, they could have yelled through the living room picture window.

The only census worker we've seen only wanted to ask if we knew if a couple of houses in our neighborhood were inhabited, and didn't ask us to even open the storm door.

Good enough. Because I find that my decision was the correct one.

A group of thugs impersonated census workers to break into a Texas home and kill one of the inhabitants. They spent two hours rifling the house, before driving away unmolested.

Another incident, this time with a real census worker, saw the man breaking into the home of a disabled woman to beat and rape her. He'd used his work with the census to choose his victim.

I don't know what's worse, the idea that Dear Leader was planning to turn the census over to ACORN, or knowing that these bastards weren't ACORN workers/volunteers.

I will say this: home alone or not, I never am out of reach of a pistol.

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