Monday, February 15, 2010

Again, more proof...

Gun-free zones are target rich environments to the criminally-minded.

I am not criminally-minded. I will, however, be one of those that carries even in "gun-free zones." I will not be victimized by someone who intends to do harm.


  1. I wish the government would spend more time worrying about alcohol abuse and the damage caused by the abuse than who owns or carries a pistol!

    Whackos are going to carry a weapon regardless of any gun control laws--us NON-WHACKOS
    would like to just level the playing

  2. Precisely. Call me a wacko, but I refuse to acknowledge that anyone has a right to curtail my God-given freedom to protect myself from predatory criminals that look for disarmed prey.

  3. The only TV news that I receive (and most of the news feed I receive) come from Denver--a huge metro area!

    There must 2-3 'street incidents'
    report every day!

    I can't remember ever reading about a person attacked on the street using a pistol to fend off
    the attacker....

    Home invasions in Colorado are different as we have a very liberal "make my day'' law that works........that same law should apply to street attacks but it never seems to happen.

    Can you have a gun rack in a pickup where you live?

    Very common practice here--with 1 or more rifles on the rack and I bet a pistol in the glove compartment!

    Occasionally you will see a 'cowboy' with a pistol holstered
    on his hip!


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