Friday, February 12, 2010

Too far.

You don't send a six-year-old to a mental institution because she throws a temper tantrum. Especially not if it's the school's, not the parents' choice.

Send her home, certainly. Refuse to allow her back until her "temper issues" have been dealt with, maybe.

For God's sake, people: she's six years old. She shouldn't be expected to act like a tiny adult. Her parents maybe should discipline her better, but temper tantrums and meltdowns are normal for that age, especially when the kid's scared, uncomfortable, frustrated, or tired.

Here's my question: what did the teacher ask her to do? Was it something that the little girl was having a frustrating level of difficulty with? Why didn't the teacher ask her what was wrong, and try to help before taking her to the office and handcuffing the child one day, and institutionalizing her the next?

The more I hear, the more determined I become to homeschool my child(ren).


  1. Oh, FFS. That school. What is wrong with them?

    I know I had temper tantrums. I think what my teacher did was have me go to a quiet place and work it out, and then come back when I calmed down. Granted, they were rare, and they were when I was really pushed to the limit, but still.

    I've had a few college kids have tantrums - or come close. I just tell them to take a walk until they feel better, and then come back and try again.

    What that school did is NOT going to help the kid; it's only going t scare her.

  2. What few tantrums I threw in school were from frustration with being unable to understand a teacher's explanation of something (usually math related--I had a terrible time figuring out subtraction, and still can't understand algebra). I didn't trust most adults as it was, and that would have made it far worse, and I'd've withdrawn far more into my world of books than I otherwise did.

  3. I was born with a 'hot temper'--I guess when I was a wee lad, it was called a tantrum and for no better word, I guess I have blogging tantrums today!