Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This is not fair.

I don't smoke. I may have done more than ten years ago, but I don't now. I have a great many friends that do.

Not one of them makes $50,000/year, much less $250,000/year.

No new taxes my ass.

Even more,"it'll bring in billions of dollars of revenue" my ass. Adding a dollar per pack of tax is going to have people going to Indian reservations, where they can buy tobacco without paying the stupid sin tax, or else cutting back on the quality of their smokes, going from Marlboro to GPC or AlwaysSave.

Then again, this smells more of the nanny state trying to force us all into healthy behavior, whether we want to have healthy behavior or not.


  1. Many many moons ago, when I lived in California& Reagan was the governor, HE raise cigarette taxes a whole bunch--I think it was 50 cents a back.

    I refused to pay such a tax increase and quick smoking (cold turkey) the same day.

    I haven't smoked a cigarette

  2. And I have no doubt that several thousand will do likewise.