Friday, February 19, 2010

Again, too far.

A school in Pennsylvania has provided laptops to their students. That, in and of itself, isn't too bad. No, what I have a problem with is that these laptops have integrated webcams which can be remotely operated by the school.

Naturally, the school's administration uses (and abuses) this ability: they've activated the webcams and spied on the students while the students are at home with their families. And students and families know this because...the school has sent home notes with some students warning families of "unacceptable behavior" that the school has pictures of. Taken with the remotely operated webcams.

Um. No. That is not legal. That is not legal any more than it's legal for police to fully wiretap your home and plant video cameras. Schools are currently government entities, and as such, are just as bound by Constitutional law as law enforcement. And this is infringing upon the rights of not just students, but also their parents.

And, ironically, at least one class has just finished 1984.

I think, were I one of the students at that school, I'd've refused the school's laptop and purchased my own netbook (mine cost a bit under $300). And if the school had forced one on me, it would remain unpowered in the top of my locker--or dropped on the floor in the principles office as soon as I'd received it. Most of the kids have started covering the webcams and microphones with masking tape.

Yeah, I'm definitely homeschooling my kid(s). This is total bullshit.


  1. If I were a parent with a kid at the school?

    Homeschooling. And a long letter to the school as to just why I was pulling my kid out. Feh.

    Seriously, what planet are some of these people on? "It's for their own good" is going to be the death knell of this country, I think.,

  2. I think you're right, Ricki. This is disgusting. And wrong. And, potentially, child pornography.

  3. The solution is masking tape......

  4. ...and some students used it. Doesn't mean the school has the right to monitor (or attempt to monitor) their home lives.


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