Friday, January 22, 2010

More illustrations of why the Second Amendment is necessary...

In Philly, during the past two weeks, there have been two pizza delivery people killed during robberies. Less likely to have happened had they been carrying guns, too.

In Texas, there's been a rapist targeting little old ladies. Widows living alone in the country, specifically. The creep cuts the phone lines so they can't even call for help. None have been armed, or had a dog to alert them that something was wrong so they could fight back. Again, said serial rapist would likely have not had as many victims if one had been armed.

And, to reply to any moonbats before they try to whinge that guns don't solve anything--criminals are cowards. If there's a chance the victim might shoot back, they move on to weaker prey.

And to those whose stock response is "Well, the criminal's just going to take the gun and shoot you with it,"--if a large man who's broken into a little old lady's house takes a step towards her when she's frightened, she'll probably shoot him before he gets close enough to take the gun. Again, criminals are cowards. If the chosen victim has a gun, they're going to move on to weaker prey that can't fight back. They're not going to charge a scared little old lady that would shoot them before they get close enough to take her gun.

Those of us who own guns for self defense know that we cannot let the criminals get close, and that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

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  1. You have to have a defense in layers. A barky dog to wake you/alert you. Enough home security to give you time to get to the gun. A cell phone to call with, even a prepaid one you only carry for breakdowns and emergencies.

    Then you have have enough training and practice to be able deploy your firearm effectively, and the will to do so.

    There are examples of why we all should be well trained and well armed in the newspapers every day.
    Good post.


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