Saturday, January 2, 2010

My hope for the New Year looks promising already.

I posted this over on The FFOT: "May 2010 bring much frustration from [meant to type 'for'] the Dhimmicrites in congress and Dear Leader, with regards to any and all legislation aimed at crippling our nation. I sincerely hope they fail miserably at abrogating our God-given rights."

While the mid-term elections won't be held until November, it already looks quite promising for us normal people who don't want the mandatory Medicaid bill shoved up our asses sideways: it looks like the GOP is going to do much better than the Left was hoping (and if left-leaning papers are publishing stories that even grudgingly admit that their gods have a chance of falling, it's a pretty good chance). I mean, Democrat recruits to run in this election are pulling back--so far, they've lost promising challengers in five races.

What those ass-weasel Dhimmicrats and Dear Leader all keep forgetting (and the American people are beginning to remember) is that they govern by our consent.

We are not consenting to the legislation they want to enact.

I don't know about everyone else, but when someone is trying to force something up my ass without my consent, that's both rape and sodomy. And I don't know about everyone else, but I'm eminently willing and able to shoot the rapist making the attempt, if he doesn't back the fuck off.

Congress, take note: if you keep trying to force the issue, there will more than likely be blood in the streets. And it will not be ours.

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