Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maybe it's time for teenagers to, I don't know, start doing manual labor?

After all, if the traditional teenager-type jobs are so hard to come by in this economy, doesn't it make sense for teenagers to start mowing yards, and doing odd jobs for little cash payments for little old ladies?

Were I 16-19, and competing with people with families for jobs (and not getting one), I'd be posting my name and phone number on bulletin boards in senior centers, supermarkets, libraries, or anywhere else I thought it would get seen, offering to do grocery shopping and such for busy families, little old ladies, or anyone else that didn't want to do their own. I'd also be mowing people's yards, pulling weeds in gardens, or pretty much anything I could think of to earn money for whatever I thought I needed it for.

Today's teenagers either haven't thought things out (to where this option didn't occur to them), or they're too lazy to be worth the minimum wage they'd be paid at the jobs they're trying for.


  1. My pride and joy are my animals (I have 12)...3 are a momma goat and her 2 old maid daughters.

    Just this AM, I (hopefully) made a deal with a student at our local high school who participates in the FFA program.

    He is going to 'learn' about my goats and will be used as an emergency 'goat baby sitter' and will earn some $$ ($10-12 an hour) doing some 'muscle' jobs around my place--as I am physically limited.

    He will also get class credit for his work with the goats.

  2. That's really good to hear. I know there are responsible, smart, self-motivated, entrepreneurial teenagers out there, but people so rarely hear about them. And the media _never_ reports about them.


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