Monday, January 11, 2010

Wrong comparison.

Dear Leader consistently compared himself to Lincoln during his campaign. He may have a few points, given that both are tall, skinny, and ugly; however, his policies have far more in common with Herbert Hoover and FDR. After all, he's following in their footsteps with the destruction of our economy.

The feds have been quoting an unemployment figure hovering around 9.5% for a while. That number doesn't include those who are underemployed (i.e., people working part-time jobs to bring in any money to stretch their emergency savings), those who've given up looking for work, nor seasonal employment. Nor the people employed short term for the census. According to the Brits, who actually figure in those who are underemployed or who've given up, the real number of unemployed is closer to 17.3%. I suspect if you figure in the seasonal workers (who would have just been laid off), and the temporary census work (which will be done in the first half of this year), the number will be between 20-25%.

The economy is not going to recover with government intervention. The last time that was attempted on as large a scale turned into The Great Depression: a major recession that started to hit in late 1929 but had started to recover in early 1931, was worsened by a government trying to rush recovery. Then, FDR stepped in with his New Deal, and with private-enterprise-choking regulations, lengthening recovery time by more than another decade. It took the huge sacrifices by the American citizens combined with an even bigger surge into manufacturing to support a war footing, and the federal government being distracted from the domestic front by WWII for our economy to recover last time.

This time, I don't think a nation trained, pruned, and shaped into an entitlement culture will have the same spiritual fortitude to make the necessary sacrifices as a nation that will be necessary to restore our economy to its robust past. I don't think our government would respond to another Pearl Harbor with the same determination to protect the nation's citizenry and sovereignty as even the New Deal Progressives had.

I think this is going to end up with blood spilled, a government that no longer rules by the will of the productive majority toppled, and a sadder but still not wiser nation rising in its place.

And I pray that every corrupt member of the chattering political class that think they rule us, no matter what party they're from, ends up hung by the neck until they're dead, dead, dead. Publicly. Because there is no other way to properly deal with treason.

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