Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Something women ought to know before going to abortion clinics...

According to one commenter on an article about a woman who died from a botched abortion:

"This kind of result is inevitable. Let's be honest, nobody goes to medical school to learn how to kill people. Abortionists are the bottom of the barrel, not just in ethics but also in basic medical skills. As an anesthesiologist I've worked alongside them on non-abortion surgery, and to say their technique scared me is an understatement. For medical people who'd understand the terms: ever seen two hemostats clipped to the sides of a laparotomy to hold the incision open, because the attending surgeon didn't know how to use a Bookwalter? Or a second attending who botched a closure because he was too busy chatting with someone? Yet another attending (all of whom did abortions at the same institution) who did nothing about a ruptured uterus in a laboring woman for an *hour* because she didn't recognize it? Makes me wonder how many malpractice claims they can each get before Risk Management sends them packing."


  1. While working in a hospital in San Jose, also did some consulting work for a 'women's clinic' right across the street.

    Way back then they did lots of abortions--BUT they had a contract to do the procedures in
    our hospital.

    All was well.

  2. Maybe they need to go back to that model, rather than permitting hacks to hide their incompetence in clinics like the one that killed that woman, or the one that murdered an infant born in a botched late-term abortion (left the baby to bleed out by the umbilical chord).

    I'm pro-life by personal inclination, but don't give a damn if women want to murder their babies. The consequences, both psychological and moral, rests upon the souls of those that choose that path, and those that enable it. I just want the procedure to be as physically safe as possible--granted, it's for a vindictive reason (I want the mommas of dead babies to suffer the guilt for what they've done), but hey. To each their own.

  3. As a good rule of thumb (after too many years working in health care) if you need a surgery that comes with anesthesia, DO IT IN A HOSPITAL and not in a doctor's office!


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