Thursday, January 21, 2010

She deserves an award, not castigation.

There is no reason for a judge to hold her court open late for a convicted murder, hours from execution, when all of his other appeals have failed.

Bravo, Judge Keller. You have the highest appreciation of the law-abiding, intelligent, rational public for refusing to hear an appeal that the three-drug lethal injection is cruel, unusual, and inhuman punishment. I hope the board that reviews your case is populated by the intelligent and rational segment of the public, rather than the bleeding-heart, mouth-breathing, pansy-assed, moral-relativistic morons that have been howling for your head.


  1. First---let's not forget the victims of this bitch.

    Second--don't turn the judge into a victim because she closed her court on time.

    Personally, I prefer the Russian
    execution 'policy': When you least expect it, some one will enter your cell and blow the back of your head off!

    No that's a done deal.....

  2. If said dead criminal hadn't had every other appeal denied, and hadn't been such a vicious son of a bitch, and hadn't tried to get his execution overturned on the three-drug-combo, my opinion might have been different. As it is, I think she's a hero (in this case) for upholding the rulings of the other judges who'd heard the case, and for refusing to waste tax money on someone who'd handed over his right to keep breathing with the murder he committed.