Sunday, January 10, 2010

After last week, this doesn't surprise me.

According to this, places in the United States were colder than the freakin' poles last week.

Global warming this ain't.


  1. CLIMATE the issue.

    Whether it is caused by Mother Nature or Man (or a combination of both) is happening.

    The biggest problem is: IT IS NOT A BLACK AND WHITE ISSUE like 95% of the populous think it is.

  2. I know it's happening. I don't think it's man-caused (otherwise, the High Priests of Environmentalism would be patting themselves on the back for averting the death of the planet, instead of going on about our time running out to save Mother Earth from burning to death). Like most non-Environmentalist climatologists, I think the "change" isn't so much of a "change" as it is a cycle.


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