Monday, January 26, 2009

Um...I didn't want to get into politics, today, but...

I went on over to No Looking Backwards and saw this.

Frankly, there's a lot about the Obama administration that, quite frankly, scares the shit out of me. There are a couple of things that he's done--for example, the declaration about government transparency--that I like, but his decision to close Guantanamo Bay and other overseas detention facilities scares me. I think it scares me most because of his reasoning that the terrorists deserve the same rights as American citizens.

No. They. Do. Not.

Mr. President. If you reject that foreign-born terrorists do not have the same rights as American citizens, you will not only be unable to keep us safe, but the ash will be on your hands when the terrorists--NOT freedom fighters, terrorists--smuggle in a nuclear weapon to take out one of our cities.

And yes, I meant when, not if.

And if you take my guns away, you take away my ability to defend myself and my son when your stupid policies result in your entire fucking government becoming radioactive.

And that's ignoring the rise in crime that your stupid economic policies will produce when they destroy the jobs you claim to be trying to save.

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