Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Opportunities abound

Our new secretary of state says that, with President Obama's intention to change direction in the Middle East, Iran has a "clear opportunity" to behave itself.

Sure they do.

However, President Obama's declaration to the Arab world that he counts them, their terrorists, and their terrorists' ideology, more important than the people who elected them (closing Guantanamo Bay and other military prisions overseas, going on an Arabic news station for his first presidential interview, implying such in the inaugral address, etc.,), Iran also has the clear opportunity to develop nuclear weapons. This year.

Given that our Dear Leader has also made a stand against missile shield technology, I wonder which of our cities will get hit first by the nuclear-tipped ICBM? Will it be New York again, for the psychological hit? Washington, D.C., for the opportunity to behead the government (and reduce some of our history to radioactive waste)? San Francisco because of its image of immorality (by Muslim and Christian standards, both)?

It's coming. And it will be entirely this current administration's fault when it hits.

Pray that I'm wrong. I am.

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