Monday, January 26, 2009

To those who read regularly, I'm sorry.

I had a whole host of things I wanted to comment on. And then the baby got sick to his stomach, and was really too fussy for me to be able to do anything, up to and including feeding myself. He's better today, so I thought I'd do what I could, while I could.

In the meatime, for those who are interested, he's grown. A lot. Let me show you.

This picture was taken while he was still in the hospital, at about four days old. The monkey (used for size comparison) is about ten inches tall, if you stand him up.

This picture was taken last week. Same monkey. Same baby.

And here's one of him smiling. Just because it's cute.


  1. What a smile!

    WV: daing - an exclamation, as in "daing, what a smile!"

  2. Wow. What a smile! Too cute. What a blessing to see him grow so much.