Monday, January 26, 2009

This just in: Nancy Pelosi is retarded

She seems to think that her personal hobby horses will definitely help cure the economy!

Um, no. No they won't. Not enough people are responsible enough to use birth control in the first place. Providing it gratis (or rather, at taxpayer expense) won't save the states any money even in the short run.

Actually, what would save states money would be to quit stepping in (financially) for the baby daddies out there that create children they have no intention of helping raise.

As if that would ever happen.


  1. Nancy Pelosi may be a lot of things but she certainly isn't retarded. Calling her that word just hurts and offends people with special needs. Why mock a group of people because they're not as with it as you.
    People with special needs actually are human beings with feelings. Couldn't you have come up with a word to describe Pelosi without mocking an innocent group of people?

  2. You're right. My bad. I apologized on the blog today.