Friday, January 30, 2009

To all the liberals out there: I have a suggestion for "fairness."

Let's see how far we get with this idea with regards to the "fairness doctrine."

You want "equal time" for your liberal views on talk radio, whether or not it's profitable for the radio stations (it isn't--Al Franken proved that).

Fair enough. Give conservative views equal time in traditional main stream media. I mean, yeah, we've got Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck (who's now on Fox), Sean Hannity (also on Fox), John Gibson, and Laura Ingrahm, but they're usually all on the same, single, AM radio station.

You have CNN, CNBC, Headline News, and the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC). You have PBS. You have the newspapers. You also have your own talk radio station with NPR (government funded, by the way--doesn't bring in enough revenue on its own).

You want "equal time" in talk radio? Give us equal time in the main stream media.

Oh, don't want to do that? In that case, your "fairness doctrine" means nothing more than "we want people exposed to our views only."

And in that case, I have another suggestion for you...

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