Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh, no. Not the right move at all.

President Elect Obama is setting us up for the next terrorist attack on our soil. He's closing Guantanamo Bay's holding facility.

This is a big, big, big mistake. It looks like we're yielding to outside pressure. We may well be; however, it's justifiable (or it would be) were it a negotiation tool being used in brokering a peace with a sane, responsible regime.

However. We are not working with a sane, responsible regime. We are not even working with an insane irresponsible regime. We're fighting off an aggressive, totalitarian ideology that will see this move as nothing more nor less than America showing weakness. Thus, they will come at us harder.

Beyond that, the reporter writing the story made a heinous mistake: "Detainees held on U.S. soil would have certain legal rights that they were not entitled to while imprisoned in Cuba. It's also not clear if they would face trial through the current military tribunal system, or in federal civilian courts, or though a to-be-developed legal system that would mark a hybrid of the two."

Were these individuals fighting in uniform on behalf of a nation, this might well hold true under the Geneva Convention. However, there are two issues at stake, here.

These prisoners, are not covered by the Geneva Convention. First, they do not fight for a country. They do not fight in uniform. They hide amongst women and children. As such, they break the rules of war that signatories of the Geneva Convention have agreed to abide by amongst themselves. This leads me to the second issue: they haven't signed the Geneva Convention (and even if they had, their treatment of POWs would have broken the agreement), which means that we don't have to abide by it in our dealings with them.

I do not (always) advocate that we don't adhere to the Geneva Convention in dealing with these monsters. It would hurt our troops, on a level that they might or might not understand, to dish out the same treatment.

Besides. The Geneva Convention spells out, very clearly, what the penalties for the behavior displayed by the Gitmo detainees should be. I think we should hold to it, if President-Elect Obama is going to carry out this incredibly poor decision.

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