Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You'd think they'd WELCOME state aid...

ICE has admitted they don't have the funding to track the illegals that they know about.

The same bureaucracy that stuck its nose in the air and refused to process those turned over by Arizona. Because Arizona's racist, y'know.

I've got a few ideas to cut cost: cut the paperwork and ship the criminals back to where they came from. That would definitely cut some costs.

My other, preferred idea is to post ICE agents down on the border in well-sheltered "hides" with a high-powered rifle and orders to ignore all South-bound illegals, and take out all North-bound wetbacks. Yeah, there'd have to be legislation passed to refuse all lawsuits brought by Mexico and/or the criminals' families, but that would be even cheaper than shipping them back where they came from.

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