Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another semester has begun

And already there's frustration.

I hate admin and bureaucracy.


  1. Apparently our admin has decided, over the summer, that all the profs are brain-dead and need to be talked to very slowly and in a very patronizing manner.

    It was all I could do to avoid saying something I would have regretted very, very much to one of my higher-ups the other day.

    God grant me patience. And not just for dealing with the students. Not even "mainly" for dealing with the students.

  2. It's not my department that will have earned my F-off this week. My department head actually saved my bacon--and I'm incredibly grateful to have his friendship.

    The rest of the dipshits running my college, on the other hand...I'm building up a FULL head of steam for Friday.

  3. T-E-N-U-R-E..............

  4. I'm not, though, and it was a tenured professor that saved my bacon. It's the administration--most of whom might have a BS in business, at most--I've got the problem with. And I'm betting that HR doesn't have more than an associates in bitchery.