Monday, August 16, 2010

Bitch has no rights in this country.

She doesn't have the right to stay here. She doesn't have any parental rights to her child. She doesn't have the right to use our court system to take the anchor baby away from the parents who've loved him and raised him as long as he can remember.

She needs to be sent back to Guatemala, bulk rate shipping, postage due.

That needs to happen to each and every criminal alien who pops a kid out on American soil: they get arrested and deported, with their child given to an American couple who can't have kids of their own, to love and raise.

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  1. I personally don't think any adoption is cast in concrete!

    I have watched enough 'legal' shows on TV to know that if you forget to cross a 't' the adoption can be thrown out!

    Throw in the illegal chick dropping the anchor baby and you really have a mess.

    If you have gone thru the system with the adoption and have the baby, THAT SHOULD BE IT!

    If the illegal momma does not apply for a green card for the kid, then they both should be deported.

    If the baby goes into 'family services' tax payers foot the bill
    and family services is an accessory to illegal immigration.

    End of rant!


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