Sunday, August 15, 2010

So, in other words, we need to move away from service industry to manufacture?

That's what I kinda got from this article.

However, the factories mentioned in the articles aren't your grandpa's factories, nor are the jobs something any schlub can do. Most of these factories are automated: that means the jobs require brains, adaptability, and quality education, things that the majority of the American workforce in general lacks.

Thing is, unions have most of American manufacture in a stranglehold. There are still some auto companies that have factories in the U.S. that aren't government owned. Most of those are in non-union states.

Kansas, Missouri, and much of flyover country are right-to-work states. Maybe it'll be flyover country that hauls the rest of the country out of the depression we're currently mired in.

We just need to build a few more factories, and fight to keep unions from raping our workers.

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