Monday, August 2, 2010

More ethics violations.

Besides Rangel, there have been three other names pop up as needing investigation: Maxine Waters (likely connected to Rangel); Jesse Jackson, Jr. (though his dad really needs to be thoroughly investigated for racketeering); and Gregory Meeks. Since all four are niggers in every sense of the word, race-baiter Al Sharpton is claiming that the investigations are racially motivated.

I think it's more likely to be politically than racially motivated. Jesse Jackson, Jr., in particular, makes me wonder if these four have pissed Dear Leader off to the point where he might have had his people quietly pointing the ethics committee in the right direction.

I wonder what dirt Rangel et. al. have on Dear Leader?


  1. In reality, the 'black' ones do stand out in a crowd and I wonder how many of the 'non blacks' in congress are just as bad?

  2. Probably most of them. They're just more careful not to get caught because they can't scream racist at investigations.


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