Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stupid sellers shouldn't have accepted the offer.

I have no problem with people deciding they don't want to sell their house to someone else for any reason. I don't even care that this couple didn't want to sell their home to a black couple. It's a personal choice. I personally think it's a reprehensible reason, but I'm not going to tell people what they can and can't think.

But they shouldn't have accepted the offer, then refused to sign the papers. That does make them criminally liable.


  1. It's never over until the fat (escrow) lady sings......

  2. Agreed, but the acceptance of the offer indicates a verbal contract, in the eyes of the law.

  3. My sister (when selling the ranch)
    discovered that contracts are difficult to enforce.

  4. Not just have to be willing (and able) to take it to court, and be ready for relations between seller and "buyer" to get nasty.

  5. One little 'item' not in the original
    contract can void the entire contract.

    No worth the effort--just concentrate on selling the house.


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