Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There's a reason Missouri passed Proposition C by such an overwhelming majority.

It isn't because Dear Leader is black, like he's probably going to claim. It isn't just because of the huge price tag that has been understated by every political hack that is pro-Obamacare/ mandatory Medicaid (though that is a large part of why Missouri just kicked the current administration in their empty ballsack).

The citizens--not subjects--of this country don't want socialized medicine. We don't want wait times in emergency rooms long enough to prompt us to suture our own wounds (and then get prosecuted for doing so). We don't want women to go through this in a crowded ER waiting room.

We don't want socialized medicine that gives us access to waiting lines and lists, that gives us government-mandated health-service rationing, instead of permitting the open market to give us access to doctors and care. We don't want an entire segment of our economy enslaved to provide the services that the left has created a "right" to.

This is the United States of America, not Great Britain or the European Union. We are citizens, not subjects. You govern by our consent, not by right of birth.

It seems that most of those in Washington, D.C., have forgotten that.

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