Saturday, December 28, 2013


Shadow the cat just scared herself into hiccups. She jumped up onto the candy container (a large, square, Rubbermaid leftovers storage container) on the table--which was precariously balanced, thanks to the three year old that put it there--and it fell off with her.


  1. Your post reminded me of visiting the camp of a friend's parents years ago.

    They brought a kitten, that played in the den/kitchen all day; jumping from one curiosity to another.

    That evening, when the night promised to be cold, they lit a pot bellied stove to warm the camp. With the falling temperature, and cooling camp, they added some large logs to build up some heat.

    The stove reached a point where the exhaust bend going through the wall was cherry red. The kitten, while playing in an adjacent chair, decided to jump on the stove, and did so before anyone could halt the effort.

    I don't think her feet even touched the stove. From my vantage point, she levitated across the top, on to another chair and disappeared into a corner.

    1. No. She soon returned to tease, play and bask in the attention of the humans in the room; although she wouldn't get within five feet of the stove for the rest of the weekend.

      That was decades ago, and she's long gone, but did leave a legacy of finding crawfish, killing them neatly and depositing them on the doorstep of her owners.

    2. Oh, good. I've had a cat burn its feet before, and I could hardly bear the thought of a kitten doing the same.

      I have never had a cat that killed crawdads before. Had one develop a powerful hate for shrews, but never crawdads.

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    1. I can't imagine ferrets having it any easier.