Saturday, December 21, 2013

Random ramblings

So, in the past two weeks or so, I've made five hats (one each for my sister-in-law, her grandson, my aunt, an extra from the tag ends of the first three that my daughter claimed, and one from a different type of yarn for my sister), and half of a scarf.  I'm still working on the scarf.  After I'm done with that, it'll be time to make cookies.  Pumpkin spice.  Some will be plain, some with raisins, and some with dried cranberries.  Also, cranberry relish.  Treats for the in-laws, and some for my family.

The pixie has backslid in the last couple of weeks on potty training.  She wet herself on Friday morning, and decided to keep playing with her brother rather than going to use the potty for #2, just now.  I'm thinking that this is mostly due to a disruption in routine.

The imp...has spent the past few days acting up: tormenting his sister, bossing her around, smacking her, pulling hair, charging at her screaming to scare name it, he's done it.  It's not that he never does this, but more that he's doing it nearly constantly that's driving me batshit insane.  Like the pixie, I think it's because of a disruption in routine.

Yet another reason I detest the holiday season: it fucks up the kids' schedules and their behavior something fierce.  It's gonna take forever to get back on.

The cats...are cats.  They spend about two thirds of their time looking for warm places to sleep, and about a third of their time playing, eating, following us around, being weird, or otherwise acting like cats.

The dog got water-tortured (by her definition--in reality, it was only a bath) last night.  So, we have a clean, fluffy puppy...that pretty much instantly started acting the ass to get herself thrown out into the yard.  It almost worked, to her detriment: we've had sleet, and freezing rain yesterday and today, and will have snow tonight and tomorrow.

I've been too busy knitting and cleaning to write, lately.  However...I'm almost finished knitting the last Christmas gift that I'm going to be making: a hat and scarf set for my sister.

----time break of about four hours---

I had a hell of a nice surprise (bordering on shock, actually...).  My oldest half sister came by to visit (and bring a couple of little Christmas presents for the kids).  I was expecting her.  I was expecting her to bring her niece (her younger half-brother's child).  I was not expecting her to bring our oldest brother with her.

I hadn't seen him since 1997.  When I graduated high school.  I hadn't met my sister-in-law at all until today.

I am...beyond happy.  That was one of the best Christmas gifts I've ever had.  


  1. Wow. 77 was a long time ago. I bet that was a good surprise. Sounds like the kids are being kids. All keyed up, stuck in the house....

    1. Yes, it has been a very long time. Estrangement from biological dad's side of the family will do that.


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