Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oh, hell no.

No, not just hell no, FUCK no.

If they pull this shit (and they're working on it, with Common Core), I'm going to say to hell with school in general, and teach my kids at home.


  1. The news has been excoriating anyone opposed to Common Core and they had a big story on most of the networks about a father who was hauled off to jail for forcefully expressing his discontent with it. Maybe you had better find a mountain top and fort up. It's worked for me.

    I home schooled my kids when my wife and I were both teaching in public schools. That raised some eyebrows.

    1. My discontent with Common Core is expressed on this blog, not loudly in public. What's expressed loudly in public is my discontent with public school in general, and local ones in specific.