Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Even muggers have more respect for our armed forces than the current administration.

A group of them in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, did, after all, return their victim's wallet and belongings once they found his military I.D.

And I haven't heard of any administration returning taxes taken out of military paychecks. Not one.


  1. Every time we give a tax break to someone or something--someone else's taxes go up........

    (I guess even criminals support our troops!)

  2. Not necessarily, OCM. Only with a government that spends like a drunken sailor in a whorehouse. Were it not for the federal government spending trillions of dollars buying votes with pork projects, everybody's taxes could be cut by at least ten to fifteen percent, Social Security and disability payments could be increased and sustained indefinitely, and the rest could go into a national rainy day fund.


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