Friday, November 6, 2009

Without naming the enemy, we cannot win the war.

I am not a civilized person. I don’t have a knee-jerk gut-level fear of the unknown, don’t have the bone-deep instinctive understanding of social mores that permit people to live together in relative harmony. I don’t trust my neighbors (though they’re good people and I like them), don’t trust the authorities to do their part to enforce the laws, don’t trust the laws to protect me. In fact, I am fully prepared to protect myself and my family when—not if—the laws fail.

Civilization could break down tomorrow, and I’d probably adjust without losing my mind.

That doesn’t mean I don’t understand how and why civilization works on an intellectual level. Or that I don’t understand that it’s best for the majority.

This could possibly mean that I have a greater appreciation for what we have achieved, in Western, enlightened civilizations in general; and in this country, in specific. I think it means that I have a greater than average appreciation for just how badly we’re going to lose the War that Dare Not Speak the Enemy’s Name.

In World War II, we had huge enclaves of the enemy that perpetrated one of the worst surprise attacks on American soil in history living amongst us. There were eyewitness accounts in Hawaii of Japanese taxi drivers cheering the radio reports coming in about Pearl Harbor. There are, for those who care to look, accounts of sleeper cells in our West Coast states, ready to jump to answer the call of their native Japan. Many of the agents in those sleeper cells were native born American citizens.

After Pearl Harbor, we were never again attacked on our soil by the Japanese. FDR did do a lot of things wrong during his four term tenure as president, but taking the war to the enemy and fighting to win was not one of those things.

In 2001, the second worst sneak attack perpetrated on our soil took out the World Trade Center. And part of the Pentagon. The attackers were nineteen in number, and mostly of a single nationality, and ideology, which political correctness forbids us to name. There are eyewitness accounts of they who cannot be named cheering the murder of thousands of American civilians—civilians, not officers and enlisted men in a military target, unlike the attack on Pearl Harbor, not quite sixty years earlier. Like World War II, there are huge enclaves of this enemy living amongst us, with many sleeper cells planted through the whole of the country, not just on the West Coast. Many agents are native born American citizens, about half of whom have converted to this ideology that must not be named.

We have been attacked, repeatedly, even upon our own soil, by individuals who follow this ideology that must not be named. Our leaders, immediately after the attacks, did take the fight to the enemy, but not with the will to win. Nor have our leaders—then or now—taken the necessary steps to keep us safe.

FDR was a progressivist president who, because he was one of the East Coast Brahmins who were born to wield power and control and care for the masses, did what had to be done to protect our citizens from sleeper cell terror attacks on our soil: he rounded up the enemy and isolated them from anywhere they could do damage to the United States.

BHO is also a progressivist, but I have never been less sure that he was not one of the sleeper agents who may or may not be a native born American citizen.

Yesterday, a member of this ideology which cannot be named, one who managed to insinuate himself into the United States armed forces, shot and killed thirteen people on the military base where he was posted. Between twenty-eight and thirty more were wounded.

Authorities were aware that this individual was a danger to national security, but did nothing. They failed to protect the unarmed citizens that were their responsibility. Therefore, the thirteen deaths lay as much at their feet as they do at their killer’s.

I’ve said before: I’m not civilized. I don’t have a gut-level instinct to follow the rules society lays before me. I do see the reason behind those rules—without them, no one could cooperate long enough to build the great society that’s so quietly being torn down from the inside—but, as an outsider looking in, I also see that those rules are being used by the unnamable enemy to tear down the greatest civilization in the world.

One of those rules that society has laid down is that one must not be intolerant of one’s neighbors. It doesn’t matter if said neighbors rape children or murder pregnant women, it’s not our place to judge.

I say it is our place to judge. I will name our enemy—the one who’s hiding behind the name of their god and their race and the accusation that anyone who speaks against them is a bigot. I don’t care if someone calls me “bigot” or “racist” or “ethnocentric.”

I am, have chosen to be, an American citizen. A loyal American citizen, born and raised in the greatest nation on earth. I am a member of the most tolerant, least judgmental society on the face of the planet.

I am tired of turning the other cheek. Both have been slapped, repeatedly, by the enemies living among us, smiling in our faces while plotting to plant the knife in our backs, as they’re commanded by their holy book and their false god.

Our enemies are Muslims. They are of any nationality, race, or gender, and may claim to be moderates that abhor the violent radicals. They may be fundamentalist radicals. It doesn’t matter what they claim to be—they’re ordered by their own religion to lie to the infidels. Until proven otherwise, every Muslim is the enemy of every member of Western Civilization in general, and the United States in specific.

Islam is sowing the wind, and eventually, when enough average Americans wake up and shout “enough,” they will reap the whirlwind.


  1. Excellent post......

    Fear and distrust is real.....

    I was born and raised a Catholic
    thru the 4th grade--I do not fear
    Catholics. (Dumped religion at this point in my young life.)

    I worked for many years as a
    freelance consultant for a group of Adventist hospitals--I do not fear Adventists.

    I live in a small mountain community that is in the top 10 of number of churches per capita--I do not fear my religious neighbors.

    The mooosies scare me.

    I have never feared a president
    (since my first presidential
    memory: Harry Truman) until
    Obama hit the fans!

    At my age, my "fears" could be labeled short term......

    I worry about the children and what their future may or may not hold.

    .....and I fear there is no solution.....

  2. "After Pearl Harbor, we were never again attacked on our soil by the Japanese"

    Well, not quite true. Guam, Midway, and the Philippines were "our soil" as much as Hawaii was at the time. Even Attu, in the Aleutians, was occupied by the Japs for a time.

    But yes, taking the war to them, and to the Krauts, was the best thing FDR did.

  3. OCM: thanks. The compliments mean a lot. There is a solution to the problem of terrorism. It's called "reprisal," where we hit them back ten times harder--in the civilian population, too, if it gets in the way--than they hit us. The only other solution is to completely erase the threat, and that's not one I'm prepared for my country to undertake.

    I don't know as I'm afraid of Obama, or just resigned that the nation I love is lost, and we have zero chance to stop that, thanks to the shitwits that elected the current crop of congresscritters. Hate, however, is an excellent word to describe how I feel about both Islam and BHO. Cold, burning hate.

    Ken: You're right. I'd quite forgotten about Guam, Midway, and the Philippines, and it honestly isn't taught even in University core class American History. I don't have any idea what the death toll was like in any of those places, nor whether or not the attacks were expected. I suppose that one of the main reasons I forgot about them is that they're not now states, as Hawaii is, and on some level, I guess I just didn't count the territories as "U.S. soil."

    (Well, with the exception of American Samoa--they send so many of their sons to serve in our armed forces that I count them ours.)

    Thank God for the atomic bomb--without it, the body count would have been far higher, and words like "genocide" could have been applicable.

    Honestly, I think one of the main reasons Muslims continue to attack us is because we *haven't* ever used one again, and since we haven't, they think we won't. That may be true with this administration, or he may be more likely to use it (perhaps on Fox News). I don't know. But eventually, they'll hit us hard enough that we won't have a choice but to go full-on nuclear on them.

  4. Japan was 'easy' to nuke---they were the 'enemy' and they a had a country to bomb........Japan was racing US for 'the bomb' and lost badly!

    The moosies really don't have a
    'formal' country/

    Perhaps we should fight terrorism with terrorism?

    I hope there is a solution.

    WE should blow up a mosque
    now and then!

    Realistically, there are mooosies
    who are not terrorists (peace loving?) but they to do very little
    to stop their 'peers' terrorist activity...

  5. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: until the "moderates" get radically intolerant of the radically intolerant, they're just as responsible for the terrorist attacks as those who perpetrate them.


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