Monday, November 9, 2009

Another reason why concealed carry should be a nationwide law.

A man walked up to a car full of women and children sitting at a gas station in St. Louis, and shot all three women in front of the children.

If one of the people at that station had been carrying, the perp wouldn't have been able to empty his gun into the car, and might not have killed all of the victims.


  1. I went grocery shopping yesterday.....I saw a peer of mine,
    dressed a bit 'country'--old dirty
    cap (like mine)--raggedy jeans--
    He had a pistol strapped to his

    I wondered what he would have done had an "incident" started in the store?

  2. I know how I would react: first, make sure my son was safe; then put a solid stop to the incident. I don't have any idea how your peer would react. Nobody knows how they, or another, will react in a "situation," unless they plan, and train to follow their planning.


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