Monday, November 9, 2009

From an e-mail

First Book of Government, Psalm 2009

Obama is the shepherd I did not want.
He leadeth me beside the still factories.
He restoreth my faith in the Republican party.
He guideth me in the path of unemployment for his party's sake.
Yea, though I walk in the valley of the bread line,
I shall fear no hunger, for his bailouts are with me.
He has annointed my income with taxes,
My expenses runneth over.
Surely, poverty and hard living will follow me all the days of my life,
And I will live in a mortgaged home forever.


  1. Which is larger?

    The bible or the health care bill?

  2. The King James Version (which is what my family always uses) is longer, if the print is readable. If it's microscopic (like many are), 538 pages, without the notes at the end.

  3. I don't own a bible.....can't remember ever reading a bible.

    However, I have gained an interest in bible 'quotes' as they might relate to TODAY----thanks to my bible source...Bob F..........

  4. I learned to read on the ten-volume, blue Bible Story Book set that has the first volume in every dentist's office. My biological father--hypocritical abusive son of a bitch that he is--is a minister. Both of my grandfathers and several uncles were ministers.

    I've never had a choice in how well I know the bible. And I've been given about six by different family members, not to mention copies of the Book of Mormon (my family was what used to be RLDS, not LDS).


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