Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I feel like I have done the impossible.

I graded two sets of papers--a total of about 85-90 (thank God so many have dropped)--in two weeks.

I've actually had one of the sets sitting in my hard drive for the past month, while my husband had a cold, then I caught the cold, then my son caught the cold. I'd been either sick, taking care of someone else who was, or both at once for a month.

I tend to get sarcastic and mean in the comments, rather than offering constructive criticism, when I don't feel good. I try very hard not to, but I fail.

So there's one reason I haven't blogged--too much actual work that I get paid for to do. The other reason?

I can't force myself to do more than give cursory glances at the news every couple days. I hate what's going on, and feel totally helpless. It's hard for me to post over things when I don't feel like there's a solution. Feels too much like the whining that is so much a family institution within my family.

Oh, funny story, though--my other half has a hard time being able to tell when I'm sick. I don't complain about it unless I'm not able to function (i.e., really sick). And he's not the only one.

But, had I graded those papers while I was so stopped up I couldn't breathe, my students would have been able to tell, right quick, that something was wrong.

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