Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm of two minds on this one...

Some of Bernie Madoff's fellow inmates--none of whom were victimized by his Ponzi scheme--have decided that they want to smack him around a bit.

On the one hand, I say, "He's just another criminal amonst criminals. He just so happened to land amongst the blue collar bunch rather than the white collar bunch. He screwed up; let him get the full effect of the punishment, including the same beatings other prisoners face."

On the other, however...the man's 71 years old. My father-in-law isn't much older. And those prisoners looking for street cred for beating up Madoff? Yeah, takes a lot of manhood to beat up someone who's likely 30-50 years older, and not in nearly as good of physical shape. Be about like beating up a woman or a kid.

Now, if they want to beat up people running a real Ponzi scheme, they need to find people working in the upper levels of the Social Security administration...

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