Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A bit of perspective.

A 22 year old alcoholic died from advanced cirrhosis of the liver in Britain. He was denied a liver transplant. A lot of those who oppose Obama's health industry "reforms" cite this as an example of what will happen after the government takes over deciding who receives care or not.

Um...no it's not. He'd be denied a transplant here, too. He's an alcoholic, who, at age 22, had destroyed his liver. That means he is ineligible for a liver transplant in the United States just as he was in the United Kingdom.

There are other, better reasons to oppose mandatory Medicaid. Look at VA benefits, if you want to see where the rest of the country's health care is going.


  1. VA Hospitals is a medical situation where you have to know how to manipulate the system.

    I have 2 friends who use VA Hospitals in 2 different locations.

    Both have had NO complaints (and they are complainers!) because they know how to use the system.

  2. The system shouldn't be broken to that point. They served for us; we should not stint their care.


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