Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Combining a tax with social engineering is stupid.

When people cease the behavior that the government taxes because it's "bad behavior," revenue falls, and they've got to find a way to make that up, right?

A good example is the per gallon fuel tax. As prices go up, and tax rates on gallons purchased go up even more steeply (one figure I read--forget where--mentioned that oil companies get about $.08 profit/gallon, while the government made $.35-.75 per gallon on fuel taxes, depending on state and type of fuel), people either buy more fuel efficient cars, or else they drive less. Which means that the government doesn't get the same size of bounty from their cut off the top. Which means that they have to find something else.

I think it's time to use that fictional constitutional "right to privacy" that permits women to murder their unborn children. They say "Keep your laws off my body." I say "Keep your noses out of my business."

Call me paranoid, but the Soviet Union restricted their serfs' travel. I think this tax may well be a not-so-veiled attempt to do the same.


  1. .....mentioned that oil companies get about $.08 profit/gallon, while the government made $.35-.75 per gallon on fuel taxes.......

    WITH THE GOVERNMENT'S TAKE, how much of the oil companies do WE THE PEOPLE own?

  2. More than they think, but less than we think. I think.

  3. AS AN ''OWNER'', I want a discount at the pump!

  4. It's not gonna matter if they push through the per-mile tax.

    Besides, according to the government, the taxes on the people that they levy don't belong to the people in the first place--it's just the government collecting what's already theirs.

    And that goes for pretty much every critter that makes up the government, regardless of party.


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