Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Too late now, idiots.

Russia now fears that North Korea will start a nuclear war. Given that the whole North Korea/South Korea thing was a direct offshoot of the First Cold War, and that if not for Russian Communisim and their brothers in China, North Korea wouldn't be an issue right now, it serves them right to have to fear what they have wrought.

Especially since it's very likely that Japan will probably also go nuclear, out of self defense.

No one trusts the new POTUS, with his bowing, scraping, and ass kissing to vicious dictators the world over, and his scramble to re-label everything from terrorism to the conflict in the Middle East. Everyone believes that he'll duck and dodge, verbally bobbing and weaving, and refuse to deal with a nuclear attack.

I don't trust him not to adequately respond to a nuclear attack (i.e., declare war, with nothing but unconditional surrender and regime replacement, if not total annihilation). Not on South Korea. Not on Japan. Not on Israel. Nor even upon us.

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