Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This should have put her out of the running.

Our Dear Leader's pick for the SCOTUS has had 60% of her decisions reversed by a higher court.

This tells me a couple of things: one, that she ignores constitutional law; and two, that she is unjust in her decisions.

President Obama made much of his pick: she's Latina, she has diabetes, and most importantly, she is a woman. He said that she would rule with empathy, once confirmed to the highest court of the land.

Were I in a position to oppose her nomination, I would do it. I do not give a damn what race she is, or that she's a fellow female. I care that she's shown herself to be willing to legislate from the bench, and that she's shown herself to rule against some parties because of their race.

Put together, this woman looks like another grave threat to the rule of constitutional law.

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