Thursday, May 28, 2009

Only in California.

A pastor and his wife have been ordered, in direct violations of their first amendment rights (specifically, freedoms of assembly and religion) to cease and desist holding bible study classes in their home, or else prepare to pay "escalating fines."

California's reasons for believing that they're permitted to abridge this couple's God granted first amendment rights? "[U]nlawful use of land." Inviting family and friends to THEIR OWN PRIVATE RESIDENCE for private worship is an "unlawful use of land."

Of course, they could shell out mere tens of thousands of dollars for usage fees, environmental impact studies, etc. ad naseum, to be permitted by the government of the People's Democratic Republic of California to practice rights enumerated as BEYOND GOVERNMENT REACH.

Bottom line? California's bankrupt. Financially, politically, and morally. That means they're looking for any possible way to screw its (few remaining financially solvent) citizens out of funds to try to prop themselves up for long enough to find the next sucker.

Oh, and fuck over Christians while they're at it.

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  1. DAR
    As the third comment in the thread of your article observes:


    "Here are the facts. It is a zoning violation to be doing what they are doing. They got away with it for 5 years, but neighbors were being imposed upon week after week after week, and finally complained about the parking issues with all these people. If the people here don't like the zoning laws, fight to change them, then start the meetings back up."

    So it's a bunch of bunk.


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