Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh. My. Lord.

Even the Vice President makes fun of the President's reliance on teleprompters.

God have mercy on us--we elected two of the biggest idiots we've ever elected.


  1. Actually, he's sarcastically making fun of you guys thinking Obama is overly dependent on a teleprompter.


  2. Keep in mind: I thought this was funny. Just like I did the poster with Cheney.

    And admit it: Biden does tend to pop off with comments without thinking them through first.

  3. Also, I noticed you didn't say anything when I poked fun at Cheney.

  4. I absolutely admit it. Biden is like a boastful uncle at a party that's had a few too many. This is why he isn't president and no doubt will never be president.

    You didn't poke Cheney hard enough!

  5. Nah, I thought the poster's creator did a pretty good job--I nearly spit coffee on the screen. Take a look at for some really good laughs.


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