Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's not paranoia when car dealerships' franchises are being revoked for partisan reasons.

Vilmar at Kickin' and Screamin' mentioned the possibility that Chrysler was revoking dealer franchises based on who the dealerships' owners donated money to in the last political season. The blog post I read on 22 May mentioned six or seven specific cases in which a profitable dealership was losing its manufacturer's franchise with Chrysler because the owner had donated to a Republican rather than to the curent POTUS.

Despite the ring of truth, I thought Vilmar was just being paranoid. I wanted to think that Vilmar was just being paranoid. There was more about it posted over there today. With a whole lot more documentation. Drudge picked up on it, too.

It's not paranoia when there actually is someone out to get you. In other words, Vilmar's not the only one that's noticed what's being done.

I won't speculate about who's behind the orders. I have my suspicions, but will not make accusations that I cannot back up with proof--especially since I don't have the time to go looking for that proof.

Still. I wonder how long it'll be before every new car sold in the United States is required by law to be made by Government Motors. It worked so well for the Soviets with the Lada, after all.


  1. I think there is no real there there, but the jury's still out. I've seen it pointed out (accurately, I assume) that nearly all car dealers are republican supporters. Also, I've read that John Lott, no friend of lefty idiots, ran the numbers and concluded there's no real story (but I haven't seen details).

    OTOH, it is weird that they would be closing profitable dealers.

    So I don't know. But I'm giving the Big-O the benefit of the doubt on this one until I hear more.

  2. I've been trying, but the evidence is mounting. What are we coming to?

  3. It's bunk:



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