Monday, May 4, 2009

I guess the question would be "Who would you rather be screwed by?"

A rather attractive young woman is considering a run against an incumbent United States Senator from Louisiana. The kicker is that Stormy Daniels is not only no politician, but is a part of the industry that has damaged Senator David Vitter's credibility with voters.

She's a porn star.

So, since all politicians will screw you in one way or another, the question is who would you rather be screwed by? A goofy looking politician who frequents the professionals? Or a gorgeous example of one of those professionals, who could probably make sure almost anyone enjoyed it?

Just when I thought that our Senate was self-parodying...I was proved right.


  1. HH: "Stormy Daniels is not only no politician, but is a part of the industry that has damaged Senator David Vitter's credibility with voters."

    Isn't it other way around? To the extent Vitter's credibility is damaged it is from his own actions. He can't point to some "industry" that did it to him.

    And think about how Stormy Daniels reputation was tarnished too. In bed with a politician? Not good.

    Personally, I think consenting adults should have the freedom to conduct their affairs in such matters as they wish regardless of whether money is involved. But if you want to run as a GOP "family values" candidate, then you are going to have to admit to the howling hypocrisy.

    Vitters is just the tip of the iceberg of some really nasty hypocrisy. See a list of about 60 pedophiles who are in republican leadership positions in the party of "family values."

    Here is a list of about 115 republican leaders who are just general sex hypocrites.

    And these are just the ones that got caught! (with their pants down of course)


  2. You oughtn't go off half-cocked, there, Darrel. They didn't have sex with each other. I thought it was ironic that a sex industries professional who's honest about her profession was considering running for the office of a hypocrite. Stormy Daniels is a PORN star...though sleeping with a politician is enough to tarnish anyone's reputation.

    However, Vitter's name and number were in the D.C. Madam's list of contacts. He and Daniels have nothing to do with each other. I never said that he didn't do the damage to himself, just that he damaged himself using that particular industry.

  3. DAR
    Oh I see. My boo. I knew he had a diaper fetish but I didn't know he didn't bang Stormy. I should have known that.

    "Porn in the USA: Conservatives are biggest consumers

    Those states that do consume the most porn tend to be more conservative and religious than states with lower levels of consumption, the study finds...."

    "The biggest consumer, Utah..."

  4. And I personally have nothing against professionals of any stripe, so long as they do quality work. A porn star is no different from a whore is no different from a plumber is no different from a mechanic.

    Politicians, on the other hand... ;)


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