Friday, May 29, 2009

I've never thought it was a good idea.

The vow of celibacy, that is. It only causes good men to ignore a call to the priesthood because they want a family, break their vows once they're there because God places their soul mate in their path, or enables a monster who wants to use the reputation of a man of God to put them beyond accusation when they rape children.

Not to mention, a priest who isn't married doesn't have the tools provided by personal experience to be a marriage counselor. It's like asking your maiden aunt about sex.


  1. I read the words "Father Oprah".

    There's something terribly wrong there.

    WV: "coidic" - not exactly sure, but sounds like it has something to do with celibacy.

  2. Yup. Same here. He's kind of on the same level as the Antichrist herself, but you gotta feel for the guy being torn between his vows and God's will.


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