Saturday, February 28, 2009

Can somebody explain the logic behind this?

And it has to be logic, because I don't understand why in the world anyone would want to help their enemies.

Hillary Clinton has scolded Israel for not making sure that humanitarian aid gets to Gaza quick enough.

Gaza's main ambition is to wipe Israel from the map. Even in times of declared truce, they still try. Women and children dance in the streets when the rockets hit anywhere near their targets--or even if the rockets don't hit near their targets, and just kill a bunch of people.

Why expect Israel to help those people? Why do we try to help those who danced in the streets in celebration of the towers falling on September 11?

The Canadian lawyer/human rights activist that commented in my post on the UNCRC on Wednesday called me racist. Probably for the post directly below the one he commented in. He missed the post that explained why my attitude isn't racist--so I'll summarize again, here.

I'm not racist. I don't hate race. I hate actions. I hate ideology.

Gaza's acts, and Gaza's ideology, rather than Gaza's race, is what prompts me to cheer when Israel issues a smackdown, and to wonder why Israel would even consider helping them back up while they're reloading.

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