Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mistake, my ass!

This was done on purpose by a leftist media that hates the police.

Racial profiling is not wrong. It's practical. It is not racist to search certain races for perpetrators of certain categories of crime when said certain races commit most of certain categories of crime.

If a black man is brutally murdered, a black woman beaten and raped, or a drive-by slaughters children in a neighborhood park, it's likely that the suspect is also black. If someone straps on a vest or belt of explosives and heads to a crowded place with lots of children, it's likely a Middle Eastern male between the ages of 17 and 40. If a Latino is beheaded, the suspect is likely a Latino drug runner. If a white woman is beaten and raped, it's likely she lives in a run-down trailer park--er, likely that the perpetrator is white.

Releasing a list of names of LAPD officers who've been investigated for racial profiling to a public that's drunk the liberal grape drink that racial profiling is EVIL and WRONG was not a mistake.

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