Friday, February 20, 2009

A chilling wind of change

Barack Obama--or at least his spokesperson--claims that he opposes the renewed call for a fairness doctrine.

Is that like he opposes attempts to infringe upon our second amendment rights? Or maybe, with the pretty-much veto proof majority his party has in congress, he feels safe with that claim.

In any case, while I normally hate agreeing with Rush Limbaugh, because of the vitriol he spews on the airwaves, and the arrogance he displays when proved right (which is more often than not), I have to admit that I like the letter he wrote to President Obama.

Any attempt at a fairness doctrine would be aimed at taking Rush off the air. However, since he's the number one rated talk radio show host, he wouldn't be the one taken off. Rather, all of the other less successful (but still listened to and loved) hosts would be booted in favor of more car talk, more health talk, more money talk, more anything but political talk--because liberal politics don't have the ratings to sell advertiser space.

In other words, any attempt to force "balance" on talk radio, in the name of "first amendment speech" would, in essence, be a violation of the first amendment by squelching political speech.

Mr. President, you were elected on a platform of bringing Hope and Change to Washington. Well. I only hope you remember that not all change is good.

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