Monday, January 12, 2015


I sorta overdid things, yesterday.  I felt a lot better, so I sat up and completely built my class sites.  Everything needed for the semester, rather than only what was needed for now.  Took about five hours.

I paid for that.  And Odysseus paid, too--not what I'd intended at all

It started around supper time: I started hacking up gunk every few minutes.  Could not control it.  At all.  And it continued all night, bringing me out of sleep ever half hour to an hour. 

It did the same to Odysseus. 

I feel really, really bad about that. 

I've taken a lot of care, today.  I've not done more than I absolutely had to, and I slept a lot.  I feel a lot better now than I did when I woke up, and that usually isn't the case. 

I'm going to take it easy tomorrow, too, and spend as much time sleeping as I can get away with.  I've been taking antibiotics for about four days, now, so I should start recovering quicker soon. 

I hope.

As things stand, I'm not sure if I'll be going in Wednesday, either.  I shall see how I feel tomorrow, and perhaps post a lecture.

I'm also going to hope Odysseus gets more sleep tonight.  Because this past week has been really, really hard on him, and I hate that, and hate that I've been the entire cause of it.


  1. Pneumonia is NO fun and takes several weeks to recover from even after you have finished with the meds. The best things you can do to hasten getting better faster is rest, rest, drink lots of liquids, rest, plenty of fluids, take your meds, and rest. And promise your sweetie you will make it up to him after you feel better. And on days when you are feeling better, go slow so you are making haste slowly, otherwise, you will prolong the misery. Not that long ago, folks died from pneumonia regularly. These days, folks can still die from it, but not as often, thanks to antibiotics and better medical care.
    Bottom line--take it very easy...and bag school for this week.


    1. I'd bag school, but I can't. I teach college, and only part time on contract.

      I am trying to take it easy. I really am.