Saturday, January 17, 2015

random ramblings

I haven't had much contact with the kids this past couple of weeks.  I've honestly been too sick to do much more than lay in the bed and read.  I've finally started improving to the point where I can shuffle around and do a few things, but I'm still pretty damn sick.  Still coughing my lungs up every so often.  I have today and tomorrow left in the antibiotics, and then I'm done.  Hopefully, things will pick up from there. 

My boss has been spectacular.  She not only told me off for trying to keep up with my classes when I was down with pneumonia but took them on for me on Friday to get a physical roll taken.  She's sent me a list of who was absent on Friday that I can add those who haven't done anything on BB to. 

Shadow has been a rather constant companion.  She's stayed with me since I went to bed two weeks ago, curled up somewhere near my knees or feet.  Cricket has come and gone, but is much less of a restful nursemaid: she tends to walk up on me and knead dough on my sternum...which hurts and makes it hard to breathe. 

So far, I've got no time in classroom this semester.  I've barely been able to get the class functional, and get stuff posted.  I'm recovering, and hoping that it'll be enough by Wednesday, when classes start back up after MLK day.

Since I'm feeling better, and since the other half and the kids are visiting the in-laws (which means quiet time), I'm going to try spending the afternoon that I can keep sitting up writing.

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