Monday, August 22, 2011

What a great combination.

The imp started refusing to eat Friday morning.  I noticed Friday afternoon that he felt a little warm, and sure 'nuff, he was running about a two degree fever.  He's only just started eating again this morning, but his temp is still a bit elevated.

The pixie woke me up at six this morning, and when I went in to feed her, noticed that she was a bit warmer than usual.  And I couldn't find the thermometer.  So I fed her, then gave her a dose of baby acetaminophen, and put her back to bed.  Then, five minutes later, I found the thermometer.  And yes, she is still running a small fever--about two degrees.

And that's after the Tylenol. 

Classes are also starting today for my university.  And  I got my two up and running, have received first assignments from a few of my students (that started on Friday), and checked in with the full-time professor for whom I am a teaching assistant.  I found out from them that our new department head would like to be added to all of the online courses as an observer--and that I needed to add our department head to my colleague's class as well as my own, because they don't know how. 

I also need to get in contact with our IT department, and find out what the bloody fuck happened to my e-mail, and why I can't access my inbox, even following their instructions. 

I hope Odysseus's day goes smoother than mine looks to.


  1. MAYBE IT'S global warming?

  2. I suppose it could be--it causes everything else, including earthquakes in D.C.

  3. THE EARTHQUAKES in Colorado and the East Coast are 'spooky'
    considering all the worldly quakes!

    And in the "middle of these 2"
    is Yellowstone......


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