Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm just shocked that a cute, fluffy creature mauled a human being!

Never mind that that cute, fluffy, cuddly wild creature was a polar bear.  After all, aren't the environmentalists trying to teach us that wild creatures are just misunderstood?  Shouldn't we walk amongst them without fear? 

I hope that kid's parents sue the environmental movement for brainwashing their kid to believe that predators are harmless.  However, since it's a country whose population leans so far left that the entire country is on the verge of collapse, I'd be willing to bet that they're more likely to sue the people who put the polar bear down than the ones responsible for putting their kid in the way of being Darwined out.


  1. WHITE, BROWN, BLACK--don't mess with bears!

  2. Not without .308 or bigger, at least, and best from a distance.

  3. To a hardcore Green, the human deserved to die for profaning sacred Gaia and the home of the bear with his nasty, walking-upright feet.

    They are not pro-nature, they are anti-human. Self-loathing extroverts who are wracked with guilt that they are somehow warm and dry while bad things happen elsewhere in the world and too cowardly to do the right thing and suck-start a Mossberg, so instead they just wish extinction on their own kind and settle for a mere hair shirt, themselves.

  4. That's why one of the labels on this posts is "religion." It takes a lot of faith (and arrogance) to believe that humans have no place in the natural cycle, much less at the top of the food chain, simply because we can choose our actions. It also takes a lot of faith to believe that polar bears are helpless, fuzzy creatures that need to be protected from the fangless, clawless, physically weaker humans.

  5. No bloody way will I go into polar country without my 870. Even when we went on ex up North one guy in each section had a 12 gauge.

    The white bear does not fear man.


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